I have written several articles for Glass Line Magazine.  What a learning experience that first one was!  It was my first ever published article.  I was, still am, honored that the editor contacted me!!  Several of my electroformed beads were used by Jim Kervin in articles he wrote for The Glass Bead, the ISGB’s quarterly publication.  If you are a member you can see some of my coldworked beads in past issues.

I’m proud that I was selected to be in Bead Review 3, A Year of Exceptional Art GlassBeads!  I am truly honored to have been chosen to be included with incredible glass artists from around the world!!


Silver and electroformed glass bead

Tale of Two Metals


I am honored to have had my lampworking included in the following publications…

  • Bead Review 3, A Year of Exceptional Art Glass Beads (2008), I’m proud to announce that one of my beads was selected to be included.  This is a juried bi-yearly publication that “chronicles the evolution and showcases the exciting talent of our international beadmaking community.”  I would like to thank Brad, Julie, and Inara for all their hard work in putting this book together.  I am truly honored to have been chosen!
  • The Glass Bead (The International Society of Glass Beadmaker’s quarterly magazine), Volume XV, Issue 2, Spring 08.
  • The Glass Bead, Volume XV, Issue 3, Summer 08
  • The Wood River Press, Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have also authored articles in the following publications…

  • Glass Line, Volume 21, No 4, Now What? Tips for Enhancing Your Beads
  • Glass Line, Volume 22, No 3, Opal Dreams-Electroformed Skeleton Key
  • Glass Line, Volume 23, No 3, Clef a Mon Coeur